LRKV Missile Factory Airship

The LRKV Factory is a massive airship that plays a vital role as a weapons production/supply hub and vertical launch system for the fleet's supply and defensive/offensive purposes.
The 6 vertical cells contain an array of weapon launch systems to cover all engagement scenarios to ensure 100% mission success.
The ship itself is a massive factory, and storage facility, and has the capability to maintain consistent back-to-back launches for several hours, while simultaneously supplying armaments to the other ships in the fleet.
Relatively unprotected in close engagement scenarios, the LRKV Factory typically lies at the core of the fleet not far from the flagship's close-engagement defenses and drone grid blocks.


This was a random piece that spontaneously came about while doing lookdev on a background ship for my main weekend-project stuff.
The ships is kit-bashed with the help of Vitaly's mega-structures kit and Bestmodel's factory 03 kit.
The background is a photo I found in some old project's reference folder.

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