LRT Mk.5 by OS7

High above the massive blue gas giant 'Kimchasus IV', the construction crew aboard the top-secret orbital station 7 are preparing the final touches on the LRT Mk.5
With Orion's proprietary propulsion technology,we are able to provide a simple and elegant design requiring only a minimalist crew.
Using 50% less resources than the Mk.4, and requiring only a, minimum, 2 man team, the Mk.5 is the most cost efficient and effective long range transport OS7 has constructed to date.
15% faster than the leading competition, 25% more hauling capacity than the next in class ship, winner of 3 interstellar nebula of the year awards, the LRT Mk.5 is the best choice for both local systems and outer rim territories alike.

*Orion Corp. is an industry leader in advanced/experimental propulsion technologies.
*Orbital Station 7 is a subsidiary of, and is operated under supervision of, Orion Corp.